We seek to build and grow leaders of character and integrity. Leaders who will inspire others to performance excellence through their knowledge, influence, passion, authenticity and commitment to serve so they ultimately impact the world and generations to come.

Our Mission

We are passionate about raising the leadership standard by helping leaders to grow in emotional intelligence, increasing their ability to effectively manage conflict, all while holding oneself and others accountable in order to maximize organizational results by building effective organizational cultures.

About Us

Leadership Legacy Consultants are committed to investing in leaders through leadership training, coaching, teaching, and mentorship. With over 40 years of leadership, human resources, and organizational development experience, our consultants are equipped to guide leaders who want to impact their organizations, churches, and communities positively by aspiring to become authentic, values-driven leaders who desire to leave a legacy of positive leadership around the world.

Deeone McKeithan: Owner & CEO

Deeone McKeithan is an accomplished Human Resources professional with over 20 years’ experience with 17 years in Human Resources leadership. Currently, Mr. McKeithan has held many leadership roles including the Chief Human Resources Officer for a public education institution. Previously, he led the human resources department for seven years at Verizon Wireless, holding the title of Associate Director of Human Resources. He is passionate about building leaders that will positively impact the world. His desire is to grow leaders of character, a servant’s heart, and a transformational mindset to maximize organizational results. He has focused his leadership excellence philosophy on four words (Caring, Risking, Believing, Expecting). He holds a Bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University and a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University while currently pursuing his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University.

He is a John Maxwell Certified trainer/coach and Emotional Intelligence certified trainer through Talent Smart.

Dr. Tameka McKeithan: Chief Operating Officer

I am a certified, Human Resources Operations strategist with an MBA and PhD in Organization and Management with a specialization in Human Resources Management. In addition to being a certified HR professional, I am also a certified Emotional Intelligence trainer.  I have a well-rounded work history in human resources with over 15 years in leadership with the last 9 years as an executive leader. I strongly believe in leading with integrity including an open, honest and respectful approach. I have a proven track record displaying a keen sense of best practices with the ability to enhance the performance of employees and maximize resources and efficiencies. I believe that we can efficiently move any organization forward by establishing a clear vision, maximizing communication, implementing solid structures, being collaborative and by treating others with dignity and respect, even when having tough conversations. Assessing organizational structures and providing strategic guidance, coaching and support to leaders and teams is where I thrive. I look forward to meeting you and helping you and your teams to develop high performing teams and maximize organizational performance.


We are ready to work with you and your organization on effective strategies to build leadership effectiveness.


We develop strategies to help your organization generate and maximize organizational success.


Our expertise will help you understand, engage, and build a winning organizational culture.


We help build the capacities of your leadership teams so they can inspire employees to achieve performance excellence.